Pitch, Rhythm and Consciousness Quartet CD

Pitch, Rhythm and Consciousness Quartet CD


Tony Jones, tenor sax

Charlie Burnham, violin and voice

Marika Hughes, cello

Kenny Wollesen, percussion

These four musicians are staples of the NYC creative music scene, each carving his or her own path as soloist and sideman. Here they bring their honed improvisation skills to a peak with solo, duo, trio and full band explorations of sound. See bios on one sheet below for more details on the musicians and the music. 

From the Village Voice, regarding  2011’s “Pitch, Rhythm and Consciousness Trio”:

“ With percussionist Kenny Wollesen’s gongs and temple bells establishing a mood of intense contemplation and violinist Charles Burnham matching Jones, keen for keen and infinitesimal microtone for infinitesimal microtone (whether bowing or plucking), everything on this vinyl-only release is quietly riveting, and worth retrieving your old turntable from the basement for.”

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Song list

1. Candlelight Salute   1:56   - short melodic tenor sax solo

2. In Theory  3:46

3. Joseph's Bells 2:42

4. Older Now  3:04

5. Hurt Nobody  5:42

6. Iridescence  2:44

7. Cleave To Me   1:28 - short cello solo, reads like a short story

8. Gone  7:18       

9. Sweet Mountain  2:32 - ruminative gong and bell-based percussion solo

10. Are They Not  4:13

11. Doubt Remains  1:30 - churning, mecureal violin solo

12. Cows Come Home  2:18

13. 13 Candles, 12 Stars   1:18  - short melodic tenor sax solo

The remaining songs use the entire ensemble, mostly improvised with written melodic content on Joseph’s Bells, and Are They Not. Textural, interesting, plaintive, in and out of time.